I want to represent the people who still believe its possible to build a good life through hard work and dedication. That despite all the challenges facing the social as a whole and us individually, if we work hard and do the right things, we can all achieve financial freedom and have the means to lead a happy and meaningful life.

What does financial freedom mean to me?

If my portfolio’s predictable return can cover the carrying costs on my property, then I consider myself to have achieved at least semi-financial freedom. (I’m still young so I have no desire to retire anyways.)

Currently, my monthly carry is $2,000. At a 5% yield, $40,000 means I am financially free for one month of the year. At $480,000, I am financially free for the whole year. As this figure is near and dear to be, I will be having a special series about the Road to 480 broken down in $40K blocks.

#Road to 480

P.s. in an effort to prevent this blog from being a brag, I’ll focus on the this journey #Roadto480 and not the results; and hopefully my experiences and lessons learned will help others on their #Roadto480.