Financial Independence/Retire Early – Frugal Lifestyle?

When people hear about the financial independence/retire early (“FIRE”) movement, everyone loves it in principle and want to do it; up to the point that they learn about the frugal lifestyle needed in one’s 20s and 30s to reach the FIRE goal. Most people don’t like it and will quit the journey. Some will embrace it and live a rather frugal lifestyle and achieve amazing financial results in their 40s, just take a read through the Reddit threads on FIRE.

However, I am aligned with most people, a frugal lifestyle in the 20s and 30s is not one I am willing to accept. Therefore, I want to explore how I can live a fun lifestyle of partying while staying on my #roadto480.

My living expenses is fairly fixed so I don’t discuss them here. I will focus primarily on meal and entertainment expense. I’m not gonna come up with the solution of how to pop bottles on the weekends (believe me, I’m trying to think of a way). For now, let’s talk about food. I think my new rule is that unless it’s a party/with a good group, I’m not going to spend money eating out. There’s just no point in spending $15 to grab a burrito or McDonald because I’m too lazy.

I found this sweet meal plan on Youtube that I intend to follow for the next 4 weeks. See

There are 4 meals in a day:

Meal 1 – Breakfast smoothie: Oatmeal + banana + milk + peanut butter + protein

Meal 2 – Egg stir fry: 2 eggs + brown rice (cooked with a chick stock cube) + carrots + celery + purple cabbage + soy sauce + garlic powder

Meal 3 – Fajita bowl: brown rice (cooked with a chick stock cube) + diced chicken + sliced green pepper + onion + pinto beans + salsa & seasoning

Meal 4 – Ground turkey + diced sweet potato + green beans (sweet potato roast with olive oil for 30 mins at 400 degree.

Meal prep for be down on Sunday (for Sunday and Wed)

Costs: the video says its about $240 a month in grocery bills. The grocery near me is pretty expensive so I’ll budget $400 for now. And to be honest, I think the quality of the food that I’m eating here is amazing. If I were to buy the meals made from stores, I can see them easily costing $30/day at least.

The next piece is fitness. When you’re going out to clubs & bars, you want to look good. Hence fitness is very important. I used to just pay for the gym membership at Goodlife, which doesn’t really cost me material money as I get fitness reimbursement. Also, the membership works at every Goodlife location so its incredibly convenient. However, primarily due to concern about covid/delta, I don’t really feel comfortable going to the gym. Hence, for the time being, I will stick with home workout for now.

One thing I am going to do differently this time around is that I’m not going to keep a weight scale in my home. I will base everything entirely off how I feel. I don’t think its healthy to let a number on a scale dictate my progress. Anyways, I am very excited to get started and just get into a nice routine on my meals & fitness.

While this blog will be primarily be focused on investing, starting out, saving makes a big difference so I will also be talking about how to budget the lifestyle appropriately.

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